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State of Arizona

Methods of Judicial Selection: Arizona

Limited Jurisdiction Courts

Municipal Court
Jurisdiction: misdemeanor criminal and civil traffic violations; violations of city ordinances; orders of protection and injunctions; domestic violence and harassment cases
Selection of Judges: appointment by city or town councils*
Retention of Judges: reappointment*
Qualifications: established by city charters or ordinances; law degree may not be required
Justice of the Peace
Jurisdiction: petty offenses and misdemeanors; civil cases < $10,000; traffic cases; landlord/tenant cases; domestic violence and harassment cases; small claims cases; preliminary hearings
Selection of Judges: partisan election
Retention of Judges: reelection
Qualifications: 18 yrs of age; state resident; qualified voter in precinct; read and write English; law degree not required
*Except in Yuma, where judges are elected.