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State of South Carolina

History of Reform Efforts: South Carolina

Unsuccessful Reform Efforts

Senate passed a bill that would amend the code of laws regarding the joint judicial screening committee (the precursor to the judicial merit selection commission). The legislation would have added four non-legislators (including two laypersons) to the joint judicial screening committee. The bill failed to pass the house.

House proposed legislation that would amend the South Carolina Code of Laws prohibiting both direct and indirect solicitation of pledges to vote for legislation or for other candidates in exchange for approval of judicial candidates.

A variety of bills were proposed in 1994 to alter South Carolina's judicial selection method, but none passed the general assembly. Lieutenant Governor Nick Theodore, Secretary of State Jim Miles, House Ethics Chairwoman Denny Neilson, and Common Cause representatives sponsored a bill calling for the creation of a judicial nominating commission to assist the general assembly in screening applicants for judgeships. Bills calling for popular retention elections and gubernatorial appointment were also proposed.

Portions of a bill which would have required Senate confirmation of vacancy appointments were removed from a bill via a floor amendment