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Judicial Selection Materials


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Model Judicial Selection Provisions

Revised in 2008, these provisions offer exemplary language for establishing judicial nomination and evaluation processes of the highest quality and represent American Judicature Society policy as to the “best practices” in selecting, retaining, and evaluating judges.

Judicial Selection in the States: How It Works, Why It Matters

Prepared for state legislators, this guide promotes greater understanding of the complex and critical issue of selecting state court judges.

Judicial Selection Reform: Examples from Six States

Examines successful judicial selection reform efforts in six states, discussing the nature of each reform and its implementation in other states, the events that provided the impetus for reform, and the actors who were instrumental in bringing about the reform.

Judicial Selection in the United States: A Special Report

Describes the historical evolution of judicial selection in the United States.

Judicial Selection in the States: Appellate and General Jurisdiction Courts

A set of tables that provide basic information about the initial selection and subsequent retention of state judges. Below are links to the individual tables.
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