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The results of a survey of judicial nominating commissioners released by the American Judicature Society (AJS) examine current merit selection systems. The survey report finds judicial nominating commissions are highly functional decision-making bodies operating in ways that are consistent with the goals that guided their creation.

Judicial Merit Selection: Current Status

A set of tables that provide detailed information about selection provisions in states with "merit selection," or commission-based appointment, of judges.

Chronology of Merit Selection Ballot Measures

A chronology of successful and unsuccessful statewide merit selection ballot measures.

Progression of Judicial Merit Selection in the United States

Depicts by decade the adoption of judicial merit selection by constitution or statute, to fill some or all vacancies. The final map, Judicial Merit Selection Today, also includes states with executive order merit plans.

Merit Selection: The Best Way to Choose the Best Judges

Describes the merit selection process and its advantages over other methods of judicial selection.

Merit Selection: Some Facts

A one-page fact sheet on merit selection nationally.
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